AUDI Retrofit 2008 – Present

Retrofit / Conversions

Vehicles: AUDI® (CAN and non-CAN systems)

Version: 2020.06

Date: JUN., 2020

Retrofit / Conversions (Customization)

  1. Model A3 third generation (Type 8V), 2012~2020
    1. Start / Stop
  2. Model Q5 first generation, 2008~2016
    1. Enable door locking beep (The car signals one beep when door locked)
    2. Enable door unlocking beep (The car signals two beeps when door unlocked)
    3. Enable daytime running light menu
    4. Enable emergency brake warning (With this function enabled, both direction indicators will start flashing when emergency brake is detected and current speed greater than 90 km/h)
    5. Enable sport meter
    6. Enable lowering mirror when reserving
    7. Enable fog light as cornering light
    8. Enable Fuel consumption menu